My name is Lisa Peterson and I live in Nampa, Idaho.  Photography is something that I am passionate about.  I love creating things that are beautiful and to me, that is something I am able to achieve through photography.  I like having variety and being well-rounded, so I do not limit myself to one particular type of photography.  I love all kinds of portrait photography, including, but not limited to, newborns, milestone, families, seniors, weddings…you name it!  I love theme shoots, as well, when we can just get really creative!  My main goal when I do a shoot is to achieve the most natural result possible.  There were some great things that came out of the 80s, but the fake, cheesy, stiff poses and backgrounds were not counted among them!  :)

If I can get my subject to relax and just have fun and loosen up in front of the camera, then I have accomplished one of my main goals.  I try to capture those glimpses of who YOU really are… that look a husband gives his wife, that smile from a child that captures their personality,  senior pictures that really portray who they are….you get the idea…

I have my own unique editing style, which is light and soft.  I remove the obvious blemishes and smooth out the skin a bit, but I will not make you look like a plastic doll. The goal is for the pictures to look like YOU, but at your best! :)

If my style is what you are looking for, then I would LOVE to work with you!